Born in a small town in Connecticut Dan Witrock was always fascinated with the ability of film to transport its audience to another time and place. In high school he became fascinated with photography and the art of composition. He began to explore the ever-growing catalogue of film history from John Huston to David Lynch. From the mood of a Kubrick film to the pacing of Paul Thomas Anderson he became inspired to be a part of such a varied group of artists combining every art field into one.

Dan moved out to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University for Cinematography. He made a variety of narrative films to practice his craft throughout the strong 4 years he was there. After only a year Dan began working freelance as a Gaffer and Grip/Electric in order to experiment with lighting on outside projects while he continued to shoot as a Cinematographer.

Dan has now moved back to the East Coast to live in New York and build his career as a Cinematographer. His continuing research in film history and the drive to learn new tools of story-telling set him apart to always work thoroughly with his Director to establish a unique way of telling their story.